First year anniversary of Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification !

Recently, we completed one year since the launch of our unique 220 Hrs Certification in Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching.  The workshops and the certification is designed with the objective of providing  (a) evidenced based methodology for addressing as well as detecting the challenges and (b) external validation through research as the best form of accreditation and finally (c) focus on the quality of the therapists. It includes current life regression (Module 2 – Clinical Hypnotherapy, Module 3 – Healing the Child Within, Module 4 – Advanced Regression Therapy Techniques) and past life regression (Module 5 – Past Life Regression Therapy Techniques). The allocation of the training days are consistent with the data of several hundred individuals who have come forward to seek help from as through life coaching and therapy. Final module (Module 6 – Integration and Advance Energy techniques) puts all we learn into perspective and integrates the mind-body interventions and coaching.

Some highlights:

External funding for research:

The details below highlight the progress for your awareness. This year, we have been honored to receive funding from Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTH) to conduct research on Regression Therapy & Anxiety which has been our focus area since the past few years.

Publication of our research on SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis:

Our research on the SEE Protocol for Self-hypnosis is now published in the International Journal of Yoga ! List of additional publications over past year are captured below covering range areas we work on from Regression Therapy, Singing Bowls, measurements for well-being, sound-bath meditation and more.

Offering of these workshops virtually:

Starting this month, we are offering these workshops online.  It is a huge step forward to enable us to training professionals who can manage the coaching and therapeutic work online. The best way to learn how to do this is to get into an online workshop !  We have completed NLP program for a university and also done lot of work with people across the globe in the area of life coaching and regression therapy.  Please get some perspectives from both Riri and Gunjan below.

Thank you for joining us in this journey.


Riri and Gunjan Trivedi

Highlights of the year that was……

  • Despite the challenges due to Covid-19 globally in the first half of 2020, we have successfully completed several batches of Module 1, 2 and 3.  The reviews have been very good and we hope to see you as we slowly move to regular routine post the pandemic. Covid also enabled us to move beyond our comfort zones and explore the domain of Online Trainings – and we continued to provide these even during the lock down. Starting Nov, our Module 2 and 3 are also available virtually, anywhere!
  • Continuing our approach of using evidence based complementary therapy,, we have published several relevant research papers in the past year, as highlighted below:
    1. Importance of screening for well being for Diabetes.  This approach validates the use of WHO-5 that we use for screening for all our 1:1 sessions as well us for the workshops. (This is introduced in Module 1 and relevant across all modules)
    2. The study on the mind-body impact of SEE Protocol for Self-hypnosis is going to be published this month in the International Journal of Yoga.  We have received positive feedback from so many of you after regular practice of the SEE protocol and this study validates its positive impact on the mood and physiology (remember the triangle we discussed in Module 1?)
    3. Our research on Adverse Childhood Experiences is being reviewed (this will be useful for advanced modules). By year end, the accepted paper on the measurement methodology in Regression Therapy will be published in the International Journal of Regression Therapy.
    4. Additional published research includes how singing bowls enable relaxation and the impact of Soundbath meditation on the mind and the body.
    5. The ideas on “Measuring the effectiveness of Regression Therapy – Proposed methodology and case studies and psychological parameters” are now published in the International Journal of Regression Therapy, Oct 2020.
    6. Awards and presentations: Beyond the Earth funding, our teams received (a) Best poster award in the Mental Health Conference for Best Poster  (in collaboration with Gujarat Technological University team) (b) Best paper award in Health Category at Chinmaya University Conference on New Frontiers in Sanskrit and Indic Studies, 2019.
    7. Finally, we have validated the lifestyle choices and the role our lifestyle choices play in immune system function through this publication.
  • Some of the ideas from Module 1, specifically the SEE life priority matrix, has  been validated with more than 300 people across primarily India and Singapore. This includes students, company executives, entrepreneurs and homemakers.  The outcome has consistently provided meaningful areas of focus and we encourage you to repeat periodically when things change in your life such as a new addition to the family, new initiative or a major breakdown.
  • Finally, based on the feedback and demand, we have launched several “experiential” modules for individuals who are not keen to pursue the therapist track.  Beyond M1 (the journey within), the modules would cover “Healing the child within”, “The journey into past lives”, “Releasing the fear within” and more.

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Wellness Space

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