Super excited and grateful to have finally got funding for research on Regression Therapy and Anxiety approved and supported by EARTh Association (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) !!

This is our first externally funded research* conducted at Society for Energy & Emotions @ Wellness Space and we hope with this we can set off a trend for much more work in the field of Mind-Body-Wellness Research. The research explored The impact of Regression Therapy on Generalized Anxiety Disorder**.

We are grateful to the EARTh Research Committee for supporting and encouraging us to venture into this area of research by building on the platform that we have created. The platform includes our experience in regression therapy, the use of globally prevalent tools for the work in the area and our experience in incorporating those into the training in Regression Therapy and Life Coaching Certification. It is a happy and proud moment for us and we would like to thank all the individuals who have sought help from us either through individual coaching and therapy sessions or through the training on Regression Therapy.

Update, April 2022: The work started in 2020 and it is now published in the International Journal of Regression Therapy. Click here to read the article in IJRT.

Regression therapy for Generalized Anxiety and associated Depression


Riri G Trivedi & Gunjan Y Trivedi

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*Our earlier funding was a donation from Puey Chin Chew, in her individual capacity (she was based in Singapore then) to help us with the research on Heart Rate Variability. Based on her generous financial support, we were able to produce devices (Emwave Pro devices and Bittium Faros Holter device). The following publications used Emwave Pro device and the AIIMS, Riskhikesh Conference presentation was based on the Bittium Faros Holter device.

Publication: Sound Bath Meditation with Singing Bowls: Mood and Heart Rate Variability

Publication: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Himalayan Singing Bowls and Supine Silence on Stress Index and Heart Rate Variability

** Anxiety is arousal in response to a perception or a real threat. It is anticipatory and could consume a lot of resources for the subject leading to helplessness, withdrawal and attentional challenges. Anxiety is often associated with challenges related to emotional regulation and is known as the ailment of the emotions. Anxiety is caused by a failure to elect an adaptive response or address a maladaptive response to a stimulus impacting the quality of life[i] [ii]. In short, the literature review indicates that anxiety causes a strong emotional regulation challenge (often connected with suppressed emotions related to past incidents) [iii]. Given the role of past experiences and emotional suppression, this study plans to explore if releasing the emotional energy related to past incidents and reframing the issue using Regression Therapy methods could facilitate improvement in anxiety disorder.

[i] Amstadter A. (2008). Emotion regulation and anxiety disorders. Journal of anxiety disorders, 22(2), 211–221. doi:10.1016/j.janxdis.2007.02.004

[ii] Newman, M. G., Llera, S. J., Erickson, T. M., Przeworski, A., & Castonguay, L. G. (2013). Worry and generalized anxiety disorder: a review and theoretical synthesis of evidence on nature, etiology, mechanisms, and treatment. Annual review of clinical psychology, 9, 275–297.

[iii] Mennin, D. S., Heimberg, R. G., Turk, C. L., & Fresco, D. M. (2005). Preliminary evidence for an emotion dysregulation model of generalized anxiety disorder. Behaviour research and therapy, 43(10), 1281-1310.