The following paper presentation was awarded the best paper in Health Category at Chinmaya University Conference on New Frontiers in Sanskrit and Indic Studies, 2019. This award was presented by the worldwide leader of Chinmaya Mission HH Swami Tejomayanand on Dec 18, 2019.

Abstract: Mind-body benefits of chanting and implications of breathing in simple Bhramari practice

Author: Gunjan Y Trivedi, Dr Banshi Saboo

Chanting is a core meditative and spiritual practice prevalent across many different religions of the world. Scientific evidence  has demonstrated the mind-body benefits of chanting, specifically on the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory systems including immune/inflammation processes.  This paper reviews the scientific evidence and presents a framework for further research in the area, with specific emphasis on the autonomic nervous system measures.

The paper also provides findings of a preliminary study exploring the linkage between different breathing rates and heart rate variability (heart-brain coherence) data for simple Bhramari (humming) practice. The study involved 26 individuals who went through simple Bhramari practice at different breathing rates, while the heart rate variability parameters were measured using Emwave Pro device (Heartmath, Inc). Analysis of the coherence and achievement parameters’ (HRV) data is presented with implications on the methodology for the simple Bhramari practice. The findings are compared with similar data on breathing along with the implications for further research. Finally, 2 case studies, based on the individuals with no chanting experience are presented to demonstrate the implications of the findings on mantra chanting practices.

The literature review and the pilot results indicate that breathing rate has a strong influence on the heart-brain coherence (Heart Rate Variability) parameters. Further studies with larger sample size and different chanting processes will provide valuable insights on the implications of breathing rate on the autonomic nervous system and mantra chanting.

Keywords: Heart Rate Variability, coherence, Bhramari, Autonomic Nervous System

Acknowledgements: Arundhati Sundar, PhD, for all her help and guidance throughout the process.

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