About Wellness Space

Three components at Wellness Space

We integrate insights from the research, training modules, and individual coaching sessions to transform individuals and teams. Combining the three areas into our daily work creates unique client and stakeholder benefits. Our results in anxiety, depression, irrational fears/phobia, trauma, and insomnia, have been validated across the modes of intervention (coaching, therapy, online vs. offline) and therapists.

  • If you want to unleash your full potential and address barriers (anxiety, depression, anger issue, insomnia, inability to focus, relationship issues, trauma, or other emotional imbalances), we can help you.
  • If you are a coach, a therapist, a psychologist, or a mental health worker and want to enhance your practical skills through our evidence-based training modules, we can help you.

Please consult us if you seek evidence and research-based mental health interventions.

For Appointment:


Riri G Trivedi

Personal Transformation Therapist & Trainer, Phone: +91.846.946.1144

Gunjan Y Trivedi

PhD, Life Coach,
Phone: +91.957474.2288

Team at Wellness Space

Meenakshi (Goyal) Nair

Therapist (Ph.D, IITD)

Anagha Nagpal


Ruhi Pabari


Renée (Reshma) Nair


Neha Pandya


Heer Vaghela

Counselling Psychologist

Parishi Thakore

Rehabilitation Psychologist


Client Manager

Bhumika Sheth

Business Development Manager



Kokilashree Vickneswaran


Kaushik Vachheta

Administration & Operations

Our Key Publications

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