7 Secrets For Sound Sleep (To register Click here)

This workshop teaches you techniques for sound sleep. The virtual week will have 7 daily sessions each with 45 minutes duration.

Did you know?

At Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space, we work extensively to measure and address sleep quality issues. You can go through the details below:

  1. Poor sleep is linked to reduction in immunity. Please go through our research on this HERE.
  2. Our published research on how sleep disruption impacts the mind, body and further degrades the quality of life. If you have any chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, it is highly likely that your sleep is already poor. This is a vicious cycle since chronic disease results in sleep disruption and long term sleep disruption is linked to increased risk for chronic disease. Further details of our research is available HERE.
  3. We have worked with several individuals and helped them in enhancing the quality of their sleep. Please check out the write-ups here.

The Workshop:

7 nights of learning and experiencing – techniques to

  1. Release stress
  2. Reduce negative thoughts
  3. Relax the mind and body
  4. Clear up negative energies
  5. Develop healthy sleep routine

Date: 5-11 October, Monday to Sunday 2020

Time: 9.45 pm to 10.30 pm daily

Venue: Online

Energy Exchange: USD 11 or SGD 15 INR 799

(15% extra for Paypal)

Online payment: Click here

FOR REGISTRATION CONTACT: (9099853844), (8469461144)

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