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Story of two A/C installations: Efficiency gap between India & developed countries (Divya Bhaskar 1)

બે એ/સી ઇન્સ્ટોલેશનની વાત: ભારત અને વિકસિત દેશો વચ્ચે કાર્યક્ષમતાનું અંતર In 2003, I bought an a/c for our home in Japan. After I completed the purchase, the cash register person asked me about the

Life Coaching (& Therapy)

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life or current life memories are the autobiography of your eternal soul – that explain who you are now and why you’re here on the Earth

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Therapies deal with our impressions and events from our present life which have caused us trauma.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a very effective therapy for the full range of problems such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illnesses and learning disorders.

Life Coaching for Top Executives

Leaders need help to identify their blind spots and create an environment to bring focus and remove blockages (such as fears, apprehensions, negativity, anger).

Sound Healing

Everything in nature vibrates at a unique frequency, including plants, crystals, celestial bodies, mobile phones, and, of course, our bodies.

Brief Overview

Wellness Space focuses on regression therapy, life coaching, inner child therapy, sound healing (with singing bowls), neuro linguistic programming (NLP) training, hypnotherapy and past life regression through individual & team transformation.  Our flagship trainings include “220 Hours Regression Therapy and Life Coaching“, “Sound Healing with Singing Bowls” and “NLP Training“. These trainings are certified by Society for Energy & Emotions (SEE).  We have the privilege of training more than 200 sound practitioner and master practitioners and more than 250 hypnotherapists across multiple countries. Recently Wellness Space was chosen among India’s 10 best NLP consultants for business by CEO Insights.

Common challenges we help with include anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, stress, goal setting, identifying life purpose and any situations mainly driven by emotions and energy. We have helped many individuals, top executives and corporates in the area of mind based therapies. Our publications, case studies related to quality of life and chronic disease and the global experience enables us to provide meaningful solutions to our client based on scientific evidence.

Wellness Space has chosen to innovate and explore ways to measure the effectiveness of our work related to human energy and emotions using Regression Therapy, NLP and Sound Healing methodologies.  This is managed by understanding and measuring human physiology, energy and emotions via the measurement of Heart Rate Variability, human bio-field and established surveys.  Some technologies and surveys include heart rate variability (HRV-as reseller of HeartMath LLC) and ECG devices, Bio-Well GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) device for measuring bio-field, emotional pressure and human energy, surveys such as WHO-5 wellbeing and so on.  Such tools provide us not only where to probe but also identify what’s working and how is the client responding to the interventions. Society for Energy & Emotions (SEE) also encourages research with educational institutions and invites students to collaborate through internship opportunities in areas realted to the mind, energy and emotions.

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