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Publication: Bhramari Pranayama – A simple lifestyle intervention …..

Bhramari Pranayama (Simple Humming) - A simple lifestyle intervention to reduce heart rate, enhance the lung function and immunity (by Gunjan Y Trivedi, Dr Banshi Saboo) Bhramari Pranayama (Simple Humming) is core to many practices we teach and promote and hence it is a pleasure to see all the scientific benefits captured and published in a scientific journal.  Please see the link below for the full-text file. Bhramari Pranayama (Simple Humming) is also core to the SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis that we cover in Module 1 - The Journey Within.  We continue to do more research in this area and

Publication: Bhramari Pranayama – A simple lifestyle intervention …..2021-08-12T14:43:51+05:30

The importance of assessing progress – Regression Therapy and Life Coaching at Wellness Space

The importance of assessing progress - Regression Therapy and Life Coaching at Wellness Space How do we know whether coaching or therapy sessions are going well?  There are multiple ways of assessing progress. Assessment during the initial consultation: First, consulting helps us understand the opportunity areas or broken areas in someone's life. Along with this, we do several assessments such as WHO-5 Wellbeing, Anxiety levels, the extent of  Adverse childhood experiences and so on. We assess Well Being so that we understand there is underlying stress. Stress is challenging to measure, so we start with the WHO Well-being

The importance of assessing progress – Regression Therapy and Life Coaching at Wellness Space2021-08-04T14:14:44+05:30

Did you know ? The role of emotions in Obesity

The role of emotions in obesity. Obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting a significant portion of the country's population. That overweight and obesity prevalence will increase to 30% and 9.5% among men and 28 and 14% among women by 2040[1]. Despite increased health awareness of more physical activities, obesity continues to grow! This trend needs investigation. In our coaching and therapeutic practice at Wellness Space, we get many clients who say that despite dieting, gymming, yoga and other workouts, they still don’t seem to lose weight. Others admit that they cannot

Did you know ? The role of emotions in Obesity2021-07-13T08:54:07+05:30

SEE Protocol workshop July

What is SEE Protocol? This protocol is taught during Module 1 of our Integrated Certification on Regression Therapy & Life Coaching.  This active meditation or self-hypnosis process was designed to invoke several important physiological and emotional states which are likely to improve HRV and therefore enhance emotional regulation [i]. The coherence through humming (simple monotonous nasal sound at a comfortable breathing length) and slow coherent breathing increase the high amplitude oscillations that have a causal impact on the emotional regulation.  Evidence also demonstrated that self-hypnosis or auto-suggestions have a positive impact on emotional regulation even for individuals with low suggestibility

SEE Protocol workshop July2021-07-09T14:00:28+05:30

Perspective on memory and Regression Therapy

The video above provides a perspective on Memory and Regression Therapy. Memory is a very integral part of our journey to understand us as human beings. It is the memories that shape our responses, and our behaviors to people and situations. And it is these memories that determine how we will act in the future in different scenarios. Memory is essentially a foundation of everything that we believe about ourselves and about other people, and it also lays the foundation of a lot of our unconscious behaviors, belief systems, as well as fears, phobias, and other quakes. Also

Perspective on memory and Regression Therapy2021-07-09T11:07:33+05:30
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