Keen to Learn Hypnotherapy ?

Riri G Trivedi – Personal Transformation Therapist (a member of Earth and IMDHA) teaches EKAA workshops in Ahmedabad.  The schedule and details are captured below:


EKAA L1 – Jan 19, 20 (Sat, Sun)

EKAA L2 – Jan 22 to 27 (including one break day)

Details for EKAA L1 Workshop

Course-contents include: 
– History of Hypnotherapy
– Development of Human Mind
– Theory of Mind
– Applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy
– How to Access the Subconscious Mind
– Theory & Laws of Suggestibility – Differentiating Personality-Types
– The FLIP
– How to conduct Hypnotherapy Sessions
– Deepening & Awakening Techniques
– Wording of Effective Suggestions
– Dealing with Issues such as Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Stress-Management, Goal-Achievement and Concentration
– Self-Empowerment Techniques through Self-Hypnosis

Details for EKAA L2 Workshop

Self Mastery through the un-peeling of behavioral and emotional layers to craft a desired life!

Only those who have attended Level-1 (Basic course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy before)
Only those who take life seriously and are interested in making a difference in their own and others’ life around…
People Who are gifted with qualities of compassion and respect towards others or are seeking some kind of completion with complete sincerity and dedication!
People who want to make a career in the Behavioral Modules and Corporate Self Development Training, or Healing
Everyone who want to put sincere efforts to make a difference in their own LIFE and create balance for every one around!

Breakthrough to the next level of performance and emotional self empowerment
Getting rid of past painful patterns and hurtful associations which doesn’t let you grow!
Eliminate unwanted fears and phobias, live with freedom
Learn to deal with pain
Understanding depression


Hypnotic Modules
Learning what are the factors involved in order to influence/change the belief system of any individual, to bring about behavioral change in them.

Basics of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Learning Conversational Hypnosis through indirect or inferred suggestions using the techniques of Milton Erickson.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Learn to deal with sudden emotional outbursts or stubborn emotional patterns which we are unable to handle, understanding the subjective unit of discomfort (SUD) and bringing them to zero level of discomfort in less than 5 minutes with the willingness of the client.

Dream Therapy and Interpretation.
Understand the language of the subconscious mind to get metaphorical messages and interpret them for you as well as your clients. learn to interpret the dream language and meanings.
Hypno-Diagnostic Tools
Acquire most helpful tools viz. Corrective therapy, Paris window and applications to get to the core of the client’s issue and bring them to resolution with different hypnotic Modules.

Most profound tool to release the toxicity of the past painful memories and sorting any kind of relationship issues or skill improvement to create new realities of emotional empowerment and success, this is just amazing!

Age Regression & Age Regression Therapy
Going back in time to resolve painful memories and patterns to move ahead towards peace and success is what is the objective of this session. Each participant will get to practice and experience this to heal one issue that is holding them back.
This is a profound tool to heal with hypnosis, as going back in time to heal toxicity of the past is a rare chance.

Fear & Phobia Management
Many fears we experience, mostly have their origin in this life and by enlarge phobias come from our past lives!
We learn to deal with them, with circle therapy, so that they never surface again, attaining inner peace.

Pain Management
Learn to deal with any kind of pain and reduce it substantially just in 1 session with hypnosis.

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Learning NLP to understand how mind received inputs in the form of Linguistic patterns associated with different situations/circumstances.
Making use of NLP principals in your day to day life and understanding different types of personalities and dealing with them to get a desired response with concepts viz. Presuppositions, Pacing and Leading, Modelling etc…


Venue: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad

Facilitator: Ririi Trivedi (+91.8469461144 or email

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Includes Breakfast + Lunch & High Tea and Biscuits)