Technology and analytics (e.g.HRV) capabilities at Wellness Space for studying physiology, energy and emotions

Wellness Space has both technology and analytics capability to understand and measure human physiology, energy and emotions via the measurement of Heart Rate Variability.  This capability includes the following

  1. Emwave Pro device to measure heart rate variability, coherence and achievement.  (This is also provided to the participants in the master practitioner workshop – Naad Yoga 2)
  2. eMotion Faros sensor to measure 24-hour ECG signal
  3. Analytics capability: Kubios Premium HRV software.
  4. Others (Polar H7 HRV device, Biowell GDV device and so on)

This capability equips the team and the trainees of Wellness Space to learn and re-apply important concepts and understand the evidence behind the key interventions’s effectiveness.  This new capability, in addition to the Biowell GDV device provides the right platform for learning and also for measuring and validating the interventions of the therapy.  These devices and capabilities are available to the clients and workshop participants (Singing Bowls, Naad Yoga, NLP and Hypnotherapy).

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Sample outputs:

Kubios HRV Analysis (sample)

Analysis using Emwave Pro device: (used during the workshops to measure the effectiveness of the intervention and also to enhance participant understanding)

Insights from Kubios HRV software (notice how the heart rate, shown by blue line, reduces during relaxation and increases after the phone call !)

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