Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera

Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera

Acknnowledgement: This study was conducted by Dr Gan Bo of Accuteen Academy, Singapore at Vyasa Yoga Singapore.

We often get asked, especially by the skeptics – “How do you know that your therapy has worked ?”

There are various methods to understand how the therapy is working. First and the foremost, the client feedback on how he/she feels, what is the level of negative emotion (has it gone away?) or what is the sense on the positive emotion (i.e. feeling confident, feeling in control and so on).  The second approach – especially when there are emotional challenges – is to use pendulum.  Pendulum has worked well for almost all the clients. With surprisingly simple effort, using the pendulum, it is possible to find out which negative emotion has the maximum impact on the client’s life.  Now, we have also incorporated a third method after a study of a few months.  This method uses an electronic camera (known as GDV Bio-Well camera).

Conducting a measurement before and after therapy or a healing session

The GDV camera takes only few minutes to compile the readings so it is very easy to understand client’s stress level, energy level, chakra status (balancing, energy) and organ specific energy before and after the therapy (or over a duration of few days when the therapy work was conducted).

A few examples showing the before and after readings are captured below for reference.

Short Sound Healing session (~7 mins)

The client (a female) had just completed a 45 mins (group) meditation with singing bowls. She volunteered to do a study so we conducted about 7 mins of singing bowls therapy (sound healing) with her and measured her readings before and after the singing bowl therapy.  The results are captured below:

Significant improvement in the energy levels while the emotional pressure (stress) showed good reduction. 7 mins singing bowl before and after jul 15

Overall health status also showed marked improvement 

Compare diagram 2016-07-24 15_15 S

The aura also showed improvement – with some areas where there was a “broken” aura (on the left picture) showed increased energy (on the right) 

<img class="wp-image-1405 aligncenter" src="http://wellness-space imp source.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Compare-fields-2016-07-24-15_16-2.png” alt=”Compare fields 2016-07-24 15_16″ width=”639″ height=”443″ />

Measurement over 2 days for a 75 year old female

The readings are for my mother (Dr Rekha Y Trivedi) repeated over 3 days shows significant reduction in stress/emotional pressure and an increase in overall energy.  The health status also moved predominantly into the green area.  She did yoga practices on all 3 days and joined two common sessions (with 2 individuals) for sound healing.
Compare Energy Scan Analysis 2016-07-24 15_30

Compare diagram 2016-07-24 15_30 S

You can contact me at gunjan@wellness-space.net if you would like to use this device for your work or do a reading interpretation for you.

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