Testimonial: Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy:

She is 41 years old and came in with acute loneliness and feeling of suffocation because she was staying with her parents. She complained of her father being too controlling and disciplined and she was always scared and angry with him. She is a divorcee and had been through a couple of relationships that didn’t work out “I feel like a failure,” she said and her boss and colleagues were always critical of her. She was an angry person with hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts and PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease). Self esteem was 3/10 (10 being highest) and Confidence level was 4/10. Her WHO wellbeing index was at 24% while MDI score on depression was 20/50.

Over 4 sessions we worked on relationship with parents, age regression, Inner child work and some other hypnotherapy techniques. All her sessions were done by our Therapist Nigar Parvez. At the end of 4th session (over a period of 1 month) her Self Esteem had shot upto 7/10 and Confidence upto 8/10. Her relationship with parents had completely changed and now she feels very close to them. Her WHO Wellbeing Index rose upto 76%(from 24% at start of therapy) and Depression Index (measured using Major Depression Inventory) went down to 7/50 (which was earlier 20/50)

IN her words “The sessions have really helped me become a very positive person, full of life and happier. I have become patient and also much calmer. Thank you!”

We can still continue to work on her PCOD and hormonal imbalance – but we have given her a break for a few weeks to internalize this change and then come again to work further.

Thank you Nigar Parvez for doing this amazing work!