Ability to measure and demonstrate the changes (or lack of it!) is important in any intervention.  A simple case study demonstrating how a good session would look like is captured below. At times, there is also negative change and as long as it is confirmed with the client (e.g. catharsis inducing major change in emotions), there is clarity on the session and how to take the work forward.


Gunjan Trivedi ([email protected])

This client had major anxiety challenge (nervous break down) and sought help.  The intervention was planned for 2 hours and the childhood (and current life) issues were dealt with in the first phase (using NLP time based interventions or regressions). This was followed by coherent breathing (that is known to induce a mindful state and reduces anxiety).  The energy of the client increased significantly (while the stress-emotional pressures decreased significantly at the same time !).

At Wellness Space, we believe in quantifying the problem using the standardised approach and one such measure for Anxiety is GAD Score (Generalised Anxiety Disorder). The visual below shows data of 4 individuals who went through average 3 sessions each.  Their GAD scored decreased significantly from an average of 12 to the average score of 4.8 that is moving the average anxiety from “moderate” to ” almost “minimal” !

Anxiety score using GAD me