Following article captures the ideas and quoted Gunjan for the work we have done in the area of lifestyle choices, its impact on key mind-body systems and how singing bowls and humming can be leveraged to reduce anxiety and depression through relaxation response. Ideas based on several of our studies are captured, specifically

  1. The three systems, lifestyle choices and how they interact to create an imbalance that begins the journey towards disease[1].  How these changes (imbalance), driven by lifestyle choices, impact the immune system [2].
  2. Implications of relaxation response (ability to achieve quality mind-body relaxation) on the overall health and the three systems (referred to in #1).  This study by Gunjan and Dr Saboo demonstrated that with the use of singing bowls, it is possible to achieve deeper relaxation as compared to just supine relaxation [3]. Being able to achieve consistent relaxation is key to reducing anxiety and therefore depressive mood.
  3. Our own insights on what Covid-19 has done to increase overall fear in many people. However, the way each individual interprets that fear varies. Someone fears covid infection, someone else may fear fungal infection whereas we have also met many individuals who remain isolated at home or fear their own life e.g. through heart attack or worry about the near and dear ones.  This increases anxiety and makes it difficult to achieve the relaxation.  Such situations also impact quality of sleep [4]. This is were a structured approach, based on established process (validated by research) provides significant help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Sound healing - research and impact on depression, quality of sleepSo enjoy the article and understand that there is science behind what we do with the singing bowl or our own sound !

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