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Our work involves understanding the factors that influence the quality of life and wellbeing.  During the Covid times, one common question we get is “What’s the chance of me getting the infection?”. Following key points covered in the article (by Gunjan Y Trivedi and Dr Banshi Saboo in the Journal of Social Health and Diabetes) provide some answers.

  1. It is also well-known that the number of individuals exposed to infection is much higher than those presenting with the disease, confirming that most individuals can destroy the microorganisms and prevent the infection or slow down the progression
  2. Unfortunately, the impaired immune system increases the susceptibility to any infections, and the presence of any chronic disease (e.g., Type 2 diabetes) further increases the risk of impairment in the immune system.
  3. Moreover, the studies over several years have confirmed that in many infectious diseases, the main pathological aspects are not related to the direct action of an aggressor agent, but an abnormal immune response.

Few additional highlights from the article are captured below:

  • There is evidence of lifestyle choices adversely impacting the immune system
  • However, it is not possible to clearly link one or many risk factors with the likely occurrence of immune impairment or disease
  • Hence, the intervention through lifestyle choice must address all the risk factors

The visual provides a list of risk factors that we must watch for. For the full article, click on the link below in the citation.

immune system risk factors


Publication: Risk Factors for Immune System Impairment and the Need for Lifestyle Changes


A healthy immune system helps in enhancing the quality of life and reduces the risk of infectious disease. Chronic disease increases the risk of immune system impairment. The article reviews the evidence on risk factors causing immune system imbalance and articulates the complex nature of the relationships between immune system risk factors, chronic disease, and infectious disease to highlight the importance of lifestyle choices. Finally, some evidence is presented on mind-body interventions and lifestyle choices for enhancing the immune system function.

Citation & link to the full text/PDF on the journal website:

Trivedi, G. Y., & Saboo, B. (2020). The Risk Factors for Immune System Impairment and the Need for Lifestyle Changes. Journal of Social Health and Diabetes.