Chronic Sinusitis & The SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis (A Practitioner’s perspective)

The individual joined one month long research we had conducted in Nov 2020 for the SEE Protocol’s impact on anxiety, depression and sleep quality.  This was an unsolicited feedback about how the practice of humming (simple Bhramari) along with the SEE Protocol (which also includes humming as the step 1) had a profound benefit for her.  We are sharing her verbatim since she agreed that we should share this experience broadly !

In her words:

“I’ve had chronic sinusitis for as long as I can remember. Treatment had varied from traditional to over the counter to physician prescribed drugs. Though most of the treatments did work, they were temporary and usually my sinus issue came back with a vengeance once I stopped with the medications. I became dependent on the pills as my productivity and professionalism at work was affected.

When I joined the SEE protocol’s one month research study by Wellness Space, I wasn’t looking for a cure for my sinusitis. In fact I was more drawn to the benefits of SEE in terms of improving overall mental wellbeing, the ability to reduce stress and to get a good night’s sleep.

At the end of the month, I was surprised to find that all of the above mentioned benefits was achieved but most interestingly the incessant flow from my nasal passage had stopped. Apart from the occasional sniffles in the morning, once I was done with the practice (I practiced SEE protocol every night as well as Bhramari for 20mins in the morning), my nasal passages were cleared and I could actually breathe with ease through my nose and not my mouth! It may seem rather superficial an experiment but to me it was a miracle to be able to finally breathe better. I slept well, my productivity improved and most importantly I was not dependent on external drugs. The effect was amazing and I’m ever so grateful to Gunjan and Riri for sharing this miraculous practice with the world!”
-S, Singapore

Background on the SEE Protocol

Society for Energy & Emotions has developed the SEE Protocol for Self-hypnosis that is part of the first module for Integrated Certification on Regression Therapy & Life Coaching. Click here for further details.

The research on this protocol has been published in the International Journal of Yoga (Sep 2020).

At present, we continue to do further research on the SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis’ impact on anxiety, depression (mood) and quality of sleep.  The results are very encouraging and we hope to publish it some day in the near future.

Chronic sinusitis and the SEE Protocol