Journey of a woman who had a complete breakdown due to past baggage of a childhood of loneliness, abuse, feeling of isolation and totally introverted personality. I could see the small child that she was, in the body of an adult – still struggling to seek her moms approval that she never got in all the years – bogged down by negativity while all along she had pulled through with a strong intellect and reasoning.ic healing 2

Under the quiet demeanor there was a lot of suppressed anger – which came out in tears all the time…while there was a lot of spiritual and intellectual reasoning it didn’t help her get over her helplessness and frustration of the years…….The journey for her was painful and even in therapy I had to push her out of her comfort zone a few times……had to challenge her and at the same time support – and yet due to her own strong commitment to get back her life and live it positively – for the sake of her child and her family – she pulled though – her trust in the therapy and me as a therapist ensured she continued her sessions and is much healed. I am grateful that I was guided to be her facilitator in her own healing journey – and I know its a continuous journey – she is on track and from here on she will continue with all her inner resources – in case of a breakdown I am always a phone call away!!

IC healing 1

Life is such a journey – none of us is completely healed and ok – but we all keep learning during the journey and at times when we become despondent and give up, such therapeutic interventions help us to get back on track – at the end of the day we are our own healers and therapists!

Ririi Trivedi
[email protected]