Testimonial – Managing through a phase of emotional turmoil (Hypnotherapy)

Sharing the experience of a client who came for hypnotherapy sessions in Singapore when I had gone there for my workshops. Young Chinese-Malay mother of 3 kids who was going through a lot of pain, hurt, sadness and negativity due to her husbands infidelity. We only had time to do 2 sessions but going by what she writes here, it seems it really helped!
Each client comes to me with varied levels of receptivity and each one takes back different things – based on their readiness to heal. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very simple yet powerful technique that I teach all my clients and students (in LEVEL 2 of EKAA Hypnotherapy Training). It works wonders in managing all sorts of negativity!
PS:  the name of the client has been changed to maintain privacy. If you are interested you can contact Ririi G Trivedi at riri@wellness-space.net for further information or read more testimonials and wellness wisdom articles.