The following captures the journey of one of the individuals in his/her words.  It brings to life the work we do and keeps us going!

Our perspective:

Individuals take multiple possible paths to wellbeing when they work with us.  This individual chose to start with the self-help workshop (Module 1 – The Journey Within) and pursued the self-regulation evidence-based techniques such as the SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and continued further through Module 2.  The focus during module 1 was not just learning these methods but on the relentless application for his/her own wellbeing! To be fair, he/she also pursued additional lifestyle interventions (some of them highlighted below) to take control of his/her life.  Pls read-on.

The Journey Within

In his/her words – the journey from depression/anxiety (medications) to better wellbeing and no medications

My journey out of the dark into light 

Context : 3 years back in Oct 2017, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety due to stressful personal and professional life situations.
How it all started: After diagnosis, the doctor prescribed medication for depression and anxiety (Metrizapine 0.25 mg and Xanax 0.25 mg)
The course of Treatment: During treatment, I felt slightly better but there were a lot of side effects like headaches, fatigue, weight gain and also liver problems that were causing many issues.
Testimonials - anxiety & Depression

The Journey Within

How I came out: After battling with depression and anxiety for 3 years, I was in a catch 22 situation.. I couldn’t leave the meditation and if I continued taking it the side effects were too much for me to handle.

I had tried every possible therapy but to no good. Finally, a friend recommended Wellness Space to me and I decided to work on myself by doing their training.
After Module 1, my interest increased and I decided to go in for Module 2 too.. I was amazed at the simple and scientific techniques like EFT, SEE protocol and Humming and how they could have a substantial impact on mental well being.
As I finished the course, my optimism grew that I could come out of depression and anxiety without medication.
Slowly, with the doctor’s advice, I started to bring down my dosage.. the anxiety had come down drastically with regular practice of the techniques and I could see light at the end of the tunnel.
What helped me on my recovery journey?
The below helped me in my recovery – 
1. Family support and care from loved ones 
2. Regular practice of SEE Protocol and EFT along with humming 
3. Regular workout and exercise routine along with a healthy diet 
4. Art – I found love in Mandala art and now I’m a trained artist and hold workshops to teach the art. I Made coasters, bookmarks, paintings etc.
5. Reading – I started to read and it really helped me come out. The book “Wisdom of Anxiety” by Sheryl Paul really motivated me 
6. Last but not least, my doctor who was very supportive and encouraging 
The case studies and helping clients also gave me a lot of confidence and happiness that I could make a difference in someone’s life. I could see my success in their success and well being.
I promised myself to be happy and healthy in life always, come what May, irrespective of people and situations in my life!
I sincerely hope that my story encourages others to be able to cure their problems they natural techniques and give up the dependency on medications as they come with unwanted side effects!