Journey Within – Tools to manage the mind, emotions and energy

Virtual Certification Workshop

Duration: 5 days, 2.5 hrs daily
Time: 2pm to 430pm IST, Aug 13-17 (430pm to 7pm Singapore Time)
Course fees: ₹ 4250/- or USD 59 (add 15% for Paypal).
Venue: In your own home!

To register: [email protected] or +919099853844

Module 1 – The Journey Within – Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification

Please note that the timing may change based on participant availability so if you are interested and have conflict with timing, please register and we may be able to accommodate a win-win for all. 

This workshop is the first module towards certification of “Integrated Regression Therapist” and “Life Coach”  by SEE (Society for Energy and Emotions) offered at Wellness Space. The focus is on understanding and transforming the self i.e. you work on your self by understanding how the mind works and the role of energy and emotions in daily life.  You also learn mindfulness and SEE Protocol for Self-hypnosis in this module.

To learn more about 220 Hours Integrated Regression Therapy and Life Coaching Certification click HERE

Participant Testimonials

Link – Video introduction to Module 1

Link – Science of the SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis or meditation

Certification details:

Link – Society for Energy & Emotions Page

Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Training Jun 2020