Following are a few slides from the talk by Riri G Trivedi on “Let your anxiety ‘sleep-away” on Dec 28, 2021, with Nova Benefits. The talk focused on sleep quality and mental health.

The slide provides insights from our review and research on what contributes to mental health.  The focus of the talk was on the role of sleep quality as well as anxiety in daily life.

the link between anxiety and sleep disruption

The visual below validates the assumptions and external research.  It shows our own data highlighting the role of anxiety and sleep quality.  Most of the clients who come to us have both anxiety, insomnia or at least one of them at a “severe” level.  Needless to add, their overall wellbeing (not highlighted in the visual below) is poor. They need help.

the link between anxiety and sleep disruption

The talk was based on our own research (see reference below), our actual data and existing scientific evidence.

Our published research below supports the idea covered in the talk.

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