Quality of life and me

and the role of my lifestyle choices

Interactive talk by Riri G Trivedi & Gunjan Y Trivedi,

Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space

Thu, Feb 3, 2 pm to 330 pm

Zoom (We will set this up)

Core contents:

  1. What is Quality of life?
  2. What are the drivers of Quality of life?
  3. Is there a linkage between my quality of life, my lifestyle choices and work-life balance?
  4. Short practice(s): Humming (Simple Bhramari) and Guided imagery
  5. Q & A

Brief summary:

Quality of life or psychological wellbeing is increasingly becoming more important.  The interactive talk highlights the need for enhancing the quality of life and provides an evidence-based approach on the role of our lifestyle choices that include work-life balance!  Non-communicable diseases, linked to lifestyle choices, also contribute to poor quality of life.

The talk highlights the linkage between lifestyle choices, adverse childhood experiences and the risk for disease and quality of life.  Two simple practices will also be introduced with an idea to incorporate those into daily lifestyle.

Presenter profiles:

Riri G Trivedi,

Regression therapist and trainer


Gunjan Y Trivedi,

Life Coach


Both Riri and Gunjan are based in Ahmedabad and have been working on mind-body interventions through therapeutic coaching, research and workshops for the therapists. Their research interests are in the area of adverse childhood experiences, mind-body interventions, human energy and emotions.

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