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Society for Energy & Emotions

SEE is a Not-for-Profit, secular network and global forum to connect to share, reapply and scale energy & emotions knowledge/research/findings to create a stronger positive impact on society.

Vision: To increase the well-being of all people by integrating energy & emotion-based wellness into lifestyle choices by providing scientific and established insights.

Mission: (1) To connect, educate, integrate and scale work of energy & emotion wellness. (2) To achieve measurable and tangible wellness benefits for everyone by promoting awareness and understanding of energy & emotions work via scientific findings AND findings from the experience of therapists (3) To actively integrate & complement efforts of mind-body wellness using Pancha Kosha model

Contact: [email protected]

Acknowledgments: Puey Chin Chew for her work on developing the Vision and the Mission and for her generous donations towards the intent of SEE.

Cofounders: Riri G Trivedi, Dr. Gunjan Y Trivedi


Riri G Trivedi

Personal Transformation Therapist & Trainer, Phone: +91.846.946.1144

Gunjan Y Trivedi

PhD, Life Coach,
Phone: +91.957474.2288


Dr Banshi Saboo

MBBS, MD, PhD. Diabetologist & Chairman, Dia Care, Ahmedabad, India

Milind R Agarwal

PhD. Founder & CEO,
Quickwork, India

Shri Manoj Thakur

Managing Director,
Vyasa Yoga Singapore Pte Ltd.

Dr Kathirvel S

MBBS, MD, Asst Prof, Dept of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India

Anita Kumar

PhD, Retd. Assoc. Prof. & HOD(Psy.), Currently Assoc. Prof. & Research Guide, JJTU

Hemalatha Ramani


Dr Gopal Bhatia

MD. Psychiatrist,

Global Representatives

Meenakshi Nair

Ph.D, (IITD), Japan Representative,
Phone: +818038319866

Anagha Nagpal

Japan Representative,
Phone: +818071897071

SEE Certifications

Society for Energy & Emotions is an IPHM* approved training provider. Our 200 Hr Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification and Sound Healing (Naad Yoga) certification are approved by IPHM. The 200 Hr Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification is also approved by Earth Association of Regression Therapy and IMDHA


*International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, UK

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