One-Year Online Program for Regression Therapy & Life Coach Certification

6 modules over 12 months.

Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space focuses on providing our clients evidence-based (scientific) therapeutic and coaching experiences. We have trained more than 300 therapists in regression therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Sound Healing, and more. We designed our curriculum in 2017 and launched it in the subsequent year.

Corona pandemic created more demand for therapists, and after initial experimentation and learning, we are now ready to launch this program FULLY ONLINE! (there is an option to attend Module 5 onsite)


This program contains 6 modules over 1 year and allows you to become a therapist and a life coach. It integrates several years of coaching and therapeutic experience and provides a framework for anyone to become more self-aware, pursue self-transformation and become a therapist and a coach. The journey also provides possibilities for self-work and coaching.


Emotions play a pivotal role in everyday life. However, we don’t learn what causes emotions and how to manage emotions. Persistent negative emotions such as anxiety, and depressive mood are common in everyday life at home and at work. By not addressing the emotional imbalance, we are at risk of several outcomes, such as obesity or other chronic diseases that impact the quality of life. By learning what causes negative emotions and how it impairs the quality of life, we could improve not only our quality of life but that of everyone around us – either in the extended family or at work. By becoming a therapist, we get to influence this across the community!

Emotions and energy are difficult to manage, given their “subtle” nature. Hence, addressing or harnessing them to maximize the probability of success requires a bit of science and art. Our modules are based on proven scientific evidence (our research and global evidence) and incorporate the wealth of the facilitators’ global coaching and corporate experience. Together this provides you with a unique opportunity to learn new skills that can be leveraged to enhance your quality of life and influence the transformation in many other individuals.

We are happy to share that IPHM, EARTh Association for Regression Therapy, and IMDHA recognize our curriculum.  Our graduates automatically become eligible to be members of IMDHA and EARTh once they clear our eligibility criteria.  Wellness Space is the only hypnotherapy and regression training school in India that has accreditation and recognition by all these global organizations. Finally, the incorporation of the research by the Society for Energy & Emotions into our modules makes our offerings very unique.

all six modules regression therapy and life coaching


ModuleContentsDuration, Schedule
Module 1 – The Journey WithinFoundation course in Understanding Mind-Emotions and Energy Management. Self-management techniques i.e. Mindfulness, SEE Life Priority Matrix, EFT, SEE Protocol for Self Hypnosis etc. Panch Kosha & Mind-body connect.12 Hrs/4 days
Module 2 – Hypnotherapy Techniques for RegressionLearning how to use Hypnosis and Guided Imagery for various clinical and psychological conditions. Introduction and practice – Release Reframe Toolkit. Learn Age Regression and Relationship Dramas (psychodrama) using Hypnosis. Evidenced-based approach for Hypnotherapy.28 Hrs/9 days
Module 3 – Healing the Child WithinUnderstanding existing research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and its impact on adult health. Learning techniques to manage the impact of these traumas on adults – for anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia and fear.30 Hrs/10 days,
Module 4 – Client-centred Therapy &  Advanced TechniquesClient understanding with simple PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Phobias, ACE, Signature analysis, Interviewing, etc. Gestalt/Empty Chair, Parts work & Perceptual Positioning. Integrating Release Reframe with the Rewind Technique.30 Hrs
Module 5 – Past Life Regression TechniquesTo heal issues arising from past life and life between lives. Use of hypnosis and effect bridges to explore, heal, transform, and integrate past life experiences into the current life. Metaphor therapy & Integration with Guided Imagery.

For Earth Certification:  This module (face to face) includes the following additional topics: Understanding the nature of energy (Chakra, energy, implications for therapy). Working with body parts and organs. Spirit Attachment research and release methods, Generational trauma, and implications for therapeutic work. Connecting with the higher self for life purposes.

Hybrid (Offline & Online), 5 days. Aug 2023
Module 6 – Life Coaching & Advanced Integration TechniquesAn integrated approach based on evidence-based mind-body techniques to help clients work on Clinical and Psychological issues. Pendulum dowsing. Spirit attachment release work. Understanding and assessing simple vs complex PTSD. Coaching. Goals, values, beliefs, and more. Framework and structure needed to become a therapist. Techniques for basic financial management, marketing, and client-centric work. Effective communication.36 Hrs/ 12 days
Case study supervisionThe certification process includes working on case studies, reviewing existing research/books, supervising earlier modules, and working on self (as needed).>25 Hrs

Participants are expected to do case studies after every module as well as book reviews and research/publication reviews. The individual module payment excludes case study supervision charges.

Course Fee:

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The above charges exclude (a) 1:1 Personal Coaching and Therapy hours for each participant and (b) face-to-face/additional components of Module 5.

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200 Hrs certification program is also approved by following organizations

The certification from the Society for Energy & Emotions is unique to what we do since our training and therapy are backed by our scientific research.  For reference, you can review our list of publications.

Society for Energy & Emotions LogoEffective April 2023, our syllabus is now recognized by EARTh and IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association).  EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) is an international organization that promotes professionalism in regression therapy. International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® offer worldwide Hypnosis Training Schools from which to choose, and your 200 Hrs therapist certification counts towards IMDHA membership. Also, our graduates with additional work (listed below) can qualify for EARTh membership without further screening!

  1. Individual therapy sessions (total 6) to ensure there is sufficient self-work. Certified therapists will conduct this at the prevailing rates. (excluded from the rates above)
  2. Face-to-face attendance for Module 5. (minor additional charge applies for those who have paid for all 6 virtual modules)
  3. Additional syllabus items are highlighted under Module 5.