Healing Stories in Regression Therapy

  1. She is all of 40 and wife and studied up to grade 9. Wife of a carpenter from a small town in Gujarat. Mother of a 15 yr old son. Was suffering from severe migraine and headaches for last 8 yrs. She was taking 12-15 pills daily as prescribed by a neuro-physician. She had lost all interest in life and will to enjoy her life with her husband. WHO Well being Index was as low as 24%. No health issues whatsoever. Her husband begged us ‘ I want my Saavi back, give me back my Saavi, that’s all I want from you, we have come with very high hopes …” We did 4 sessions of therapy with her – helped her work through and release the trauma of a incident that had happened 8 yrs ago related to a neighbour. With some regression, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques now she is back to normal and her Well being Index shot up to 80%. Her pills have gone down to 2 (only health supplements) and her headaches have completely vanished!! Her neuro-physician calls us asking for help with his depression!! Husband is so grateful because he feels his 19 yr old young wife is back!! This client had no clue about therapy, how it works, why it works, no background or absolutely no understanding of the science behind it. But she had trust and faith and that’s what helped her heal!
  2. He is all of 25 and comes across as a very serious, intelligent and grounded young businessman. He came with anger issues. He manages his father’s business and complained of severe anger issues, not being able to focus and issues with confidence in managing his work. His Well being Index was low (32%), he also had Severe Anxiety (GAD score 19) and Mild Depressive Symptoms. Again, he came with trust and a reference from someone he trusted deeply. Initially we were a bit skeptical since he appeared to be too intellectual and rational and quite closed emotionally. But as we continued to work his anger went down from 10/10 to 2/10 and this was noticed by everyone in his family. His motivation and confidence rose and his anxiety and depression scores reduced completely. We used techniques like NLP, Empty Chair Gestalt, Regression and Coaching.

  1. She is only 19 and has very high ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experiences). She has gone through a lot of physical and verbal abuse – been a victim of and witness to lot of violence around her – in all forms. Her consultation itself was intense as she was crying throughout and her Well being Index was as low as 16%, Anxiety was Severe, Depression was Severe and Insomnia was also very high. She would be up and awake for few days at a stretch. It was a case that needed a lot more work than just 5 sessions and we set expectations accordingly. Her therapy had to be done online and after 4 sessions itself the results were promising – Her well being index was slowly going up, anxiety was reducing, depression was going down too, however insomnia had shot up! This happens often times because therapy is about churning – so it sometimes causes a temporary disruption. But she is feeling much better than before. At such a young age she had a lot of emotional baggage – and her healing journey continues. We used Age Regression and Inner Child work with some Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques with her in her online sessions.

  1. She is in her late 20s and coming from another city. She lives with her parents and has a lot of anger towards her elder brother. The relationship is very dysfunctional and due to that her relationship with parents is also spoilt. She has a lot of suppressed anger, resentment towards her family and feeling of depression. She was forced to come for consultation by her brother but once i spoke to her and convinced her that we don’t work without clients 100% consent she eventually contacted us and started coming all the way from her city to Ahmedabad for therapy. Over 4 sessions her resentment reduced and she started expressing herself a lot more. She was able to put her foot down and that made her feel more confident about herself. She learnt to establish boundaries and be assertive and at the same time, understand the other persons point of view also. We used Regression, Inner Child work, Empty chair and perceptual positioning techniques. Her therapy continues but her scores on Well being improved and Depression went down to almost 0!!

5. She lives out of India and is in her early 40s. She approached me with very low WHO Well being Index 20%, Severe depression, Severe score of GAD – Anxiety and High Insomnia. She was unhappy in her marriage, used to have panic attacks, would wake up at night screaming and having visions. She was feeling stuck in her life on all fronts. She was again very intellectual, rational and well read and would talk a lot, explain a lot and it seemed as if she knew what was happening and why. Therapy was online and keeping faith and hope we continued our sessions and after 6 sessions the results were quite good! We used mostly Inner Child work, Empty Chair, Gestalt, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Breathing techniques, EFT etc. She started seeing results slowly – once in a while she would de-rail and then get back on track again! Work with her also continues.

6. He is only 15. Highly numbed and desensitised. Very high ACE score and severe abuse in childhood. He uses internationalisation and rationalisation as brilliant coping structures. He had gone to other therapists but didn’t see any results in his condition. He had low grade mild fever for last few months, severe backache, headache and lots of suppressed anger towards mother. He comes across as highly skeptical and cynical of everything and everyone including himself. In the consultation itself we knew it will be a hard nut to crack – since all his symptoms were physical – which means the emotional or mental imbalance had now settled his body. Medically there was no diagnosis whatsoever – of either his fever or his other health issues. We slowly started working on him using NLP techniques, Inner Child Therapy, Regression – and he would rarely ever display any emotions at all. One session of Past Life Regression for him managed to heal is backache permanently! He continued to working with us because over few sessions he developed trust and also understood the science and rationale behind our work and processes. His scores are shared based on what we gathered after 5 sessions with him. He is seeing positive changes. The anger and resentment for parents has totally gone by now. He has started physical activity also. Fever is still there but less frequent and backache is totally gone. Headache has reduced and as of today his sleep is also better. He does our Self Hypnosis protocol and EFT practices daily.

Every client mentioned above had responded to different techniques very differently. But all of them were taught our SEE protocol for Self Hypnosis that they did consistently. They all came with trust and faith in the therapy or/and the process. Some got totally ok in 4-5 sessions and others required 6-8 sessions.

Our clients personal details and identity remains strictly confidential but we do share stories like these to inspire others out there to work on themselves. Some clients are easy to heal and transform and others are tougher – some really want to heal but their own coping structures and defenses prevent them from taking the plunge into the healing space. Some clients see slow and steady progress and some are totally ok after 4 sessions! Its a mixed bag – always!

The more we measure, standardize and stick to processes, the more effective our therapies become. In every therapist training I insist on measurability – even the most seemingly unmeasurable emotions can be given a number – so that client and the therapist can be accountable and see the results for themselves. Measurability  using Globally accepted tools makes the work more credible and believable – and gives us clear indication of the speed and progress of healing  and the effectiveness of therapy

Riri G Trivedi