Gujarati Version of “Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies” publishedBreast cancer book in Gujarati (cover)

We are very happy to announce that our book published earlier in English with Momentum Press is now available in Gujarati for all Gujarati women!! We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Lilavati Shinol (Gujarati edits) Gunjan YTrivedi, Dr Rekha Trivedi (Gujarati edits) for the help with Gujarati version and also special thanks to Bhavna Dave and Anand Bhatt from Granth Nirman Board for making it happen.

If you want a copy for a near or dear one diagnosed with breast cancer do visit our centre for your COMPLIMENTARY copy from wellness space ! ([email protected])

Riri Trivedi

PS: Following link contains some work we have done on Oral Cancer and Quality of Life

Additional Publication related to Cancer and Quality of Life:

  • Ramani, K V; Trivedi, Gunjan; Jivarajani, Parimal; Shah, Mitesh; Tripathi, Umank; Sharath Kumar; Patel, Kindam; Quality of Life of Oral Cancer Survivors Gujarat Cancer Research Institute: Ahmedabad (A Case Study), April 2018, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Reference No: CMHS0042.