IIM-A case study - singing bowls insomnia and oral cancer

Please note this case study is publishd by IIM, Ahmedabad and can be purchased from IIM-Ahmedabad, Case Center.

Acknowledgement: Prof KV Ramani, Gunjan Y Trivedi, Dr Parimal Jivarajani, Prof Mitesh Shah

This case study was developed with following learning objectives based on collaboration between health care management, preventive oncology, complementary therapy and statistician.

Learning objectives:

1. What is Oral Cancer 2. What are the Physical and Social side effects of Oral Cancer 3. Cancer and Mind-Body balance 4. How complementary therapies like Yoga can restore the mind-body balance after medical treatment for oral cancer.

The work done at Society for Engineering, Wellness Space in the area of sound healing with singing bowl, yoga nidra (guided imagery), regression therapy and the processes to address the emotions were incorporated into the case study.  Several individuals, who trusted us with their requirements contributed directly or indirectly to this cause. One such individual (Mr Viral Vedani, an engineer and businessman) chose to share his thoughts broadly and this is captured in the video below:

Quality of life for oral cancer survivors: Discussion with Mr Viral Vedani:

In the dialogue with Gunjan Y Trivedi, Viral shares his story and perspective about the emotional challenges after he completed with the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  He shares about the sleep disruption (insomnia) challenges, dry mouth/xerostomia, his issues with post-surgery disfigurement and so on.  In the honest conversation, he recounts his recovery and shares how he leveraged various complementary therapies ranging from singing bowls, yoga nidra (guided imagery), etc to improve his quality of life.  Viral is available if he can be of any help to anyone needing advice on his experience so that individuals facing similar challenges can identify what they can to to enhance their lives.