Image Source: Trisha Caetano’s Inner Child Training Manual

Many people who contact me think I am a Healer – no, I am not! I am a Therapist and not a Healer. There are many gifted souls in the world who have a natural ability to see, hear and sense things, they can see the past, present and future and also heal others through some unbelievable methods (the hugging Amma etc) – however, I am NOT one of those. I dont have a psychic ability to see things and neither do  have the ability to cure or heal others problems – however I AM and Qualified/Certified and Experienced Therapist – meaning that I know the tools and techniques to enable people to heal themselves! (Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to do away all problems of the world including mine, but i dont!)

My clients remember their past lives or current life memories (I dont make them see past lives or take them there!) and they themselves decide how to heal those – I am a facilitator for their own healing process. Yes, due to my years of experience and the power of the tools and techniques the healing happens and people generally assumed I have healed them! NOT TRUE!

Because I am a yoga teacher doesnt mean I know everything about yoga – it only means I love sharing what I have learnt and understood and I love simplifying complex things to make people understand – that makes me a good teacher! Yet, I am also learning yoga and will continue to learn and each teacher teaches me something new 🙂 I still cant do many postures and I dont preach what I cant practice. In India Guru is given too much respect – expected to know all. In today’s times everyone is a guru – and each one teaches us something in a different way – doesn’t mean that person is perfect or the best!

Also just because I am a therapist and a yoga teacher as well people think I don’t /shouldn’t have an emotional or health issues at all!! After all if I sort out everyone’s problems, how can I possibly have them?? Well its like saying that a heart surgeon can never have a heart problem, and if he does, he should be able to do the surgery himself! Besides being a therapist and teacher I am also a mother, wife, daughter etc and each role comes with its challenges – and I also need healing and support for these. I counsel everyone’s kids but not necessary that my own kids are perfect – or that they listen to my gyaan! 🙂

As therapists, while we do become more aware of our own problems and others issues (which comes with years of practice and experiences) we also have our own blind spots – when it comes to our own issues and its a constant journey to heal self and others! Our lives are not perfect like the Facebook photos!  We also Don’t Know What We Don’t know and that bit is always challenging – hence even therapists need therapy! 🙂

And yet like in any other profession after seeing so many clients and doing so much work I do find myself having a much better ‘sense’ or ‘gut feel’ about client issues, challenges and the healing methods to use – at times clients feel I am reading their mind – but I am not! Its practice and experience and the ‘knowing’ that comes with it – like any other profession – be it a plumber or doctor! And the techniques do their magic anyways – each one of us have an innate ability to heal ourselves provided we get the right tools and techniques as well as a facilitator – and each client amazes me with his/her ability to do this magic! So a gentle warning to not put your therapists on a pedestal – we don’t have magic powers! Gifted healers may have those – and each one of us is our best healer!

So the journey continues….

Ririi Trivedi