Have you experienced Sound Bath to recharge yourself ?

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 I have had a singing bowl for 10 years but I was formally introduced to singing bowls by Satya Brat. This month, I was able to spend significant amount of time in Nepal and learn some advanced technique from Shree Krishna Shahi – who learnt the nuances from his grandfather (a Shaman of Tibetan Origin). It has been a fascinating journey for me since music is in my name and I have been learning Tabla since ages but sound healing is very different from healing by music (both have a valid role !).
Sound travels much faster (about 5 times faster) in water and our body is about 80% water ! When we experience sound healing, the sound penetrates into all the cells of our body and balances the energy – specially in our nerves ! This also reduces stress and brings the body and mind to homeostasis – which is a necessary condition for body to fight any disease and achieve a balance ! When the energy of the body (aka Panch Kosha article) is balanced, we end up realizing our blind spots and start making necessary changes in our life. I also combine other modalities (using NLP and Hypnotherapy) in case you have any other challenges to deal with such as fear, negativity or any other emotional challenges.
Anyone, with insomnia, stress, emotional disturbance, negativity or even just normal health can explore sound bath (sound healing) using Himalayan Singing Bowls for health and wellness !
If you are interested, call me on 9574742288 or write to [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Gunjan Trivedi

One of many possible arrangements (this one focuses on achieving deep relaxation and energizing all the key 7 chakras)

One of many possible arrangement

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