…That’s what I think we regression therapists are! Today as I was sitting in the hospital where my husband had undergone a minor surgery in his knee…. I couldn’t help but reflect how similar is my job to that of a surgeon.

mind surgeons

A surgeon works at fixing damaged parts or removing unwanted (tumors) ones from the body using surgery. I work at fixing damaged emotions/memories of the past or at removing unwanted fears, phobias, habits, beliefs etc. from the subconscious mind!! I don’t use surgical tools but do use mind based tools and techniques!!

Before doing the surgery the surgeon gives the anesthesia – so that the client doesn’t interfere in his surgical process and doesn’t experience pain. In my case as a regression therapist, I need to also put the client ‘down’ using various inductions techniques – bring the client to a state of hypnotic trance so I can do my work better and more effectively without the conscious mind interfering with its constant chatter, judgments, analysis etc. Of course, the surgeon has a special team and anesthetist – while I have to the job of all those by myself!!

And then if the surgeon has to work on the heart, he will – and at times will end up with the liver going crazy or lungs giving away and will have to be prepared to keep manage all those unexpected twists and turns in the surgery and yet focus on his main task at hand. Quite similarly, as a therapist I may have decided to do inner child work, but may end up with the client accidentally recalling a traumatic past life, or an entity attachment or body memory and I have to be ready to face all those surprise elements that keep popping up during the session and yet ensure in the end we have managed to go somewhere close to the session objective/expectation! And all this again – entirely on my own! Keeping a cool head and staying alert and ready with all possible tools is the mark of a good therapist, which will ensure all such surprises are well handled.

Yes, the surgeon going wrong can actually risk a human life – and a therapist going wrong cant harm a human life so much, but can leave a client feeling worse, or more messed up! While surgeons job is more risky, I can safely say that working with the mind is no less risky – simply because incomplete therapies or badly handled therapies can actually mess up the clients mental and emotional state badly leaving him/her in a worse situation than before!

While a surgeon needs total focus and attention at his surgery – he (ideally) can’t multitask – he needs to spend long hours totally focused on the task at hand, it applies to my sessions. Each session that is about 1.5 to 2 hrs (at times even more than that!) long requires total attention and focus – no phones or any distractions! My kids and family would wonder why I cant be disturbed during my work and why it takes so long, why do I get so drained out at times when all I have to do is sit and listen!! But when one knows how much energy goes into these sessions, then it makes sense.

My job as a regression therapy (past life regression, inner child, hypnotherapy) is also quite taxing and tiring – and I prefer not to do more than 3 sessions in a day – just like a surgeon (though I know many surgeons and therapists who do back to back surgeries all day also!)

So well, physical surgeries and surgeons are much respected and paid a bomb, we – the mind surgeons have yet to establish our positions in the society and culture and I know its only a matter of time before this surgery will also be as much respected as the rest of them! I am sure in the coming years; mind surgeons will also be a mainstream career! Inshallah!!

Ririi Trivedi

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