E2-Journey with Inner Child Healing (Understanding and working with Adverse Childhood Experiences)

This experiential workshop highlights the importance of addressing the imbalance in emotions related to adverse childhood experiences. The virtual session spans across 5 daily sessions each with 2.5 hours duration.

The evidence:

Adverse Childhood Experiences have a lasting impact on the emotional and physical health – as demonstrated by the visual from the Center for Disease Control. Catastrophic Inner Child events, termed as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) – are potentially traumatic experiences that occur in childhood (0-17 years) such as experiencing violence, abuse, bullying or neglect; witnessing violence in the home; and having a family member attempt or die by suicide.

The Science and the art of Healing the Child Within:

At Wellness Space, our interventions include “Healing the Child Within or Inner Child”. We provide individual therapeutic interventions, the experiential workshop (this page covers the workshop details) and also teach (Module 3) as part of 6-Module Integrated Certification on Regression Therapy and Life Coaching.

Beyond the scientific evidence available globally, our own work has demonstrated the impact of Regression Therapy on addressing anxiety, depressive mood, phobia and overall wellbeing.


The workshop covers following:


  1. What are Adverse Childhood Experiences? Its implications on mental health of adults
  2. Developmental Trauma and impact on brain.
  3. Role of Family systems in Childhood trauma
  4. Global Research and Evidence on Impact of ACE on mental, emotional and physical health of adults including Chronic Diseases
  5. Methods to address the emotional pain
  6. The role of mind-body practices and the evidence


  1. Identifying the ACEs and its implications on your well being
  2. Group practices Identifying the Inner Child that needs healing
  3. Group Practices to Heal and Transform the Inner Child

Date: Apr 22-25, 2021 (9pm to 12am EST USA) or 23-26 Apr. (6:30am to 9:30am IST)

Venue: Online

Energy Exchange: USD 99 or INR 7000

Online payment: Click here

For Singapore participants: The DBS Savings Plus Account 033-0-080791

Gunjan Yogendra Trivedi (Registered Name)

FOR REGISTRATION CONTACT: (9099853844), (8469461144)

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Inner Child experiential workshop

Participant feedback on the workshop

(Google Reviews)

An absolute must for anyone who was born:)

Olena Fosforova, USA

Although I’m a practicing Therapist, I chose to do the  E2 workshop to heal my own ICs. The workshop was really good and I enjoyed both the learning and the experience (as a client). I would recommend this workshop to all those who are motivated, committed and serious about their own healing and enjoy the MAGIC that ensues. 😊😊💐🌸🍄🌷🌻🌺

Thank you Riri and Gunjan, and everyone in the group. 🙏🙏 😊

XYZ, Practicing Therapist

It’s very useful … I have personally gained a lot from it, it had help me with my parenting also.

XYZ, Gulf