Coping with a break-up

break up

A woman in late 20s, studying overseas who came for therapy sometime last year (2015)

“Where did I go wrong? What did I do that drove him away? He said he loved me, then why did he leave me? Even after almost two years of my break up I just couldn’t accept the fact that he had left me. I was not able to move on. I tried various things to get on with my life. But nothing helped. How could I forget him after all I thought he was love of my life? But if he truly was love of my life then why did he leave me? Sleepless nights with endless sobbing were now a routine for me. I was in a constant emotional turmoil. I couldn’t focus on anything else.

My relationship with my siblings, parents and friends was affected due to my emotional imbalance. My health too had a lot of adverse effects. I had started believing that I had only one chance at Love and I had lost it. I had lost my confidence and “I am not good enough for anything” was constantly on my mind, which made me really sad. I was lost. And the worst part, I was losing hope.

Meeting Riri and finding the Wellness space in such time was like finding an oasis in a desert. Hypnosis therapy helped me move on with my life, refueling new hopes and dreams. Past life regression therapy also helped me overcome my inner conflicts and made me believe in myself again. More over, thru hypnosis therapy I could be free of my inner fears regarding diseases that run in my family. Riri also showed me various ways to keep positive attitude in life.

Tapping Technique for emotion management is a great way to fight panic attacks and get a clear mind.
I am really thankful to all the sources of nature that made me meet Riri. Without her help I would have given up on Love and life in general”


#Managing Emotions