Overcoming Negative Emotions

Testimonials of a non-believer who finally experienced extreme relaxation (sound healing), dealt with her negative emotions & learnt techniques (e.g. EFT) to address negativity !

negative emotions

Hi Riri – I hope this finds you well. I am sorry it took me so long to send you a thank you note. I am back in California and back to my routine busy life, but I am happy to report that the few sessions we had have gone a long way in helping me. I have a much more positive outlook and have been using some of the techniques you taught me. A few weeks ago at work I was asked to deliver a presentation in front of a large audience on short notice and right before the presentation I found myself tapping my hand and calming my nerves! And just a few days ago I was having a rush of negative emotions and I found my myself imagining that I am letting go of a rope and cutting the cord. So thank you for teaching me these techniques and more importantly thank you for helping me reconnect with the spiritual self and reigniting the faith that I had somehow lost over the years.

Also a special thanks to Gunjan for the sound therapy. I don’t think I have ever in my life been so relaxed and at peace. It opened my eyes that I need to take time out for myself and relax and meditate so I can be a better person for my loved ones!