Perspective from a young womanfocus and confidence

Everyone of us come across certain problems in life. Be it schools, colleges etc. Friends and peers might come our way which ultimately leads to distortions. I encountered a similar problem. With certain glitches relating to my friends, my entire focus moved away from my studies and a lot of energy in terms of thinking was let into these small issues with friends click to read more. Eventually, this thinking took the shape of anger and frustration. I felt like running away from some friends only because I was not able to deal with them. At this juncture, past life regression came to my rescue. It helped me reduce all the anger i had towards friends. Holding on to past problems and snags was creating a concern for me. Past life regression really worked in letting loose this small issues and forgetting it. The result was a significant change in my attitude towards my friends. Apart from this, it also led to significant boost in my confidence, which i was lacking before. Overall, I began to spend my energy in more useful stuff rather than thinking over and over again on the events of the day and other past issues.