Addressing Insomnia ONLY through Coherent Breathing !

Following is a verbatim feedback written to me of a friend who contacted me with a few challenges – specifically Insomnia.  He managed to get the Emwave Pro device (again it was a rare coincidence that got him the device !). He, being a well educated professional, ensured there was credibility behind the device and the method and kept pursing the perfection via (a) regular practice (b) questions about the method and (c) validation of the daily data measurement.  In few days, the sleep quality improved and the rest is history.  Today, after several months, he still uses the device for measuring the quality of meditation and wrote the following ! 🙂



“I contacted wellness space early this year for insomnia (difficulty falling asleep). Gunjan Trivedi taught me heart centered breathing and trained me to do it properly using HRV feedback sensor and apps for timed breathing. He is a very compassionate and dedicated trainer. I found Wellness space as a very committed place to go for a big range of alternative therapies. Initially I was skeptical saying that I know pranayama but I realized importance of the feedback once I started using it. It showed me exactly how my quality of breathing was fluctuating. Thanks to Gunjan and wellness space for introducing this technique to me. I could see the results in less than a month and now I am learning to use it for improving the quality of my meditation. Moving forward I want to conduct some workshops in my area to teach people about the benefit of using a feedback for improving our breathing and meditation quality. Afterall in this fast paced life where we all have shortage of time, we want to utilize our time doing things in right ways and get the benefit instead of doing them wrong and wasting our time. I am doing the whole training online and Gunjan is always ready to answer all my questions with all the details required for novices like me.
Thanks Wellness Space.”


We teach this breathing during our workshop on enhancing sleep quality and also in the experiential Module 1  (The Journey Within) of the Regression Therapy and Life Coaching Certification.