Why do we have 2 nostrils?

Why should we sleep on our left side after meal…..

This is surprisingly linked to our nostrils! As we sleep on our left side, the armpits get compressed, activating the point connected to our nadis. When our left arm pit is pressed, the right nostril is activated. The right nostril governs metabolism and heats up the body. Hence by sleeping on the left side after a meal, we activate the nadi to help digest our food better! Of course, at a more physical level, the shape of the stomach (located on our left side) is also such that sleeping on left side after meal makes the functioning of the stomach easier (since its shape is like a ‘C’ curved towards the left.)
While after a good yoga and shavasana practice, we are asked to turn over on the right side and lie down for a while before proceeding to meditation – because this activates the left nostril which is more cooling and calming.

Interestingly, the yogis use the ‘yoga danda’ to change or balance the breathing from the nostrils and the nadis…

The Right nadi (nostril) is surya nadi which heats the body and is linked to the left hemisphere of the brain (logical, analytical activities) and is more Yang like.

The Left nadi (nostril) is chandra nadi – cooling in nature and linked to right brain activities like arts, music, creativity etc and is more Yin like.

2 nostrils

Both these keep changing in their dominance every 3 hrs and 4 times during the 24 hrs cycle they both work equally – which is when our body is perfectly balanced for spiritual activities. In case you find that you have only one nostril working all the time, it is a sign of imbalance in your body which will eventually bring about some sort of ill health – its like a symptom to check imbalances in health early on.

Our scriptures on Swara yoga specifically describes what activities can be done surya nadi dominance or chandra nadi dominance.



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