Gunjan Y Trivedi will be in Dubai in Jul 2018 to conduct workshops in Singing Bowls, Breath and Sound Healing.   For further details go through the background and the link below.

Gunjan’s introduction

It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure we introduce to you, Mr. Gunjan Trivedi. Gunjan has pursued wellness for over a decade. He is also a Certified NLP Trainer (ANLP India, ECNLP), Advanced Life Coach, a Trainer in Sound Healing (using Himalayan Singing Bowls) and a Certified Yoga Instructor.Kindly find details on all of the exciting events and sessions that he will be facilitating from 23rd to 30th of July 2018. Please note that due to limited seats all of these events are RSVP only. Details on Early Bird discounts for Sound Practitioner Courses are mentioned in the event details.

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