Self regulation is the best was to manage long term health and well-being.  This workshop focuses on few simple but powerful techniques that you can learn and regularly practice.  The focus will be on understanding why self regulation is important, what is self regulation and what are the techniques ? You will understand specific breathing, chanting and neural regulation techniques to enhance your quality of life and learn how to manage your energy and emotions more effectively.  For example, we all learn breathing techniques, however, we often do not focus on specific breathing process that could maximize the benefit for our body, energy and the mind !  During the workshops, you will learn simple breathing and chanting methods to identify how to maximize the benefits.  Neural regulation techniques have the potential to ward off negative emotions. You will learn a technique that can help you manage negative emotion (e.g. anxiety).

There is lot of evidence on the benefits of self-regulation techniques (e.g. breathing) for enhancing quality of life (even for individuals with chronic disease).  The techniques are also equally powerful for healthy individuals (e.g. corporate executive, sportsperson).  Embark on the journey and feel empowered to take control of your well-being !!

When: Jul 13 (Fri, 6-9pm), Jul 15 (Sun, 9am-1pm)

Facilitators: Gunjan Y Trivedi, Jainish Patel


Day 1 – Breathing techniques and chanting. Identification of your unique process to maximize the health benefits

Day 2 – Neural Regulation, Practice

Day 3 – Physical activity, self work, chanting and dealing with new emotions

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