Measuring stress levels (emotional pressure) of a corporate team

We often get questions on how do we understand the person’s current state (emotional pressure aka stress, state of mind, energy levels etc). The graph shows (actual) results of a few top corporate executives.  (In case you are keen to learn more about stress and its effects on us, click here to read the article on Stress)

The figure shows “Emotional Pressure” (in Joule measured using Bio-Well GDV device for several corporate executives)

So what?
The color indicates that some of the individuals are quite calm and relaxed (color green-individuals A, F, G) and the others are stressed (more emotional pressure, shown in red-individuals B, C, D). A confirmation with each one did generate the answer that correlated with the numbers in the graph.

Imagine if you have a major stressful event coming up. Would you assign “stressed” individuals who are experiencing high emotional pressure to be assigned to a tough event? This is where such simple and periodic intervention can help. Obviously, as we make the intervention on each individuals, an ongoing measure will help us confirm the trend in the right direction !

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