Can’t have better recognition of the concept !!  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is core to the Naad Yoga (Sound Healing) workshops we conduct and here is one publication on its role in disease or imbalance.   HRV is an important concept covered in Naad Yoga 2 and more depth is explored in Naad Yoga 3.  Our 220 hours Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification also includes this concept (coherence) into the SEE Protocol for self-hypnosis or mindfulness.

This work was presented first time as a concept in World Congress of Chronomedicine in 2016 (KGMU, Lucknow) and it found its way into this journal article.  Grateful to Dr Banshi Saboo and fellow authors for useful discussions, insights and ideation !

Hoping for more such articles and publications…..Click on the image below for online reading or download the PDF version here->  HRV JoD Publication 2019

Gunjan Y Trivedi

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