Phobia of Dogs – case study of workshop participant

One of the core elements of our Module 4 (Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Training Certification) is Fast Phobia Cure technique and the methodology of Memory Reconsolidation to address traumatic memories.  We are happy to share the outcome from one of the participants, Anagha Nagpal on phobia of dogs.  She worked on an individual who had “Severe” phobia of dogs as per DSM V Severity measure for Specific phobia.  After several weeks and a couple of follow-up sessions, the client’s phobia reduced to “None” and the icing on the cake was a wonderful photo client sent to Anagha with the animals that the client was so fearful of !!

For complete case-study write-up, click: Case study – Fear of Dog (Phobia)

Figure 1: Results

Figure 2:  Client photograph showing that she is now comfortable with dogs around