In recent times the number of people reaching us out for Anxiety problems are increasing. Many are anxious about health and wellbeing, some have extreme anxiety about death while others report generalised anxiety that is constant with physical symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, breathlessness, excessive negative thoughts or going completely blank. This article shares our perspectives on Anxiety & Regression Therapy.

First and foremost we must understand that Anxiety is not the problem itself – it is the Culmination of a problem or imbalance. Anxiety is body’s way of showing alarm signals for something that is off balance since a long time. Anxiety is how body responds or copes up with an underlying imbalance – either in the energy system or in the body.

As we grow up, we gather many experiences that may have caused us extreme emotional responses like fear, anger, helplessness or sadness and grief. Each time we go through such experiences, not only our mind, but our body also experiences these emotions (actually, emotions are primarily experienced by the body, while the rational mind gives them a label, a perspective, a rationale or a context to those emotions) These emotions get stored in the body memory and over a period of them they accumulate. Most times the body manages to cope up and move on – either by distracting or rationalising or numbing itself. However, the energy of every emotion (Emotion = Energy in Motion) is experienced and stored in the body. Especially emotions like anger or fear that are not expressed or processed, stay stuck in our body and energy field. Over time they accumulate with every subsequent experience that causes anger or fear or grief.

The accumulated energetic charge of the toxic emotion is usually managed by the body but over time, when the body gets overwhelmed, this suppressed energy starts coming our or expressing itself as Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Phobias and OCDs, Nightmares or Uncontrollable Anger outbursts. Often times these remain in the domain of the mind and emotions only but over time they start showing up as heart palpitations, sweating, breathlessness etc because now this energy imbalance starts to cause imbalance in the physical body as well. The functioning of the body begins to change and starts manifesting these symptoms.

Usually this is the time when clients come to us or go to psychiatrists. Again I would like to reinforce – these are symptoms – or manifestations only – not the problem itself. The problem lies in the chronic imbalance caused due to accumulation of toxic emotions and experiences that the body has stored over time.

Therapy involves helping the client to release the toxic energetic charge of these emotions from the clients body and re framing or re-associating those toxic memories with a more positive association.

Mind-body store memories in the format of image+body charge+emotion+context. We cannot delete the image, but we can definitely release the body charge, allow the client to release the negative emotion and replace with positive emotion and change the context and association to a more positive and empowering one. Once this process is done, the client now learns a new response to any future traumatic situations that may arise and hence no new accumulation happens!

This is the long and short of the therapeutic strategy to deal with anxiety or extreme fear-phobia or depression.

In extreme cases we have to recommend medications, however, medications can only help to reduce or suppress the symptoms. They are good and effective for short term management or crises management. But never a long term solution as they do not address the root cause. Many clients are told that they have a ‘chemical imbalance’. It is good to ask ‘what has caused this chemical imbalance and how can i reverse it?” vs pumping in chemical substitute in the form of medicines. Because one we start giving out body these external chemicals, it will stop natural producing its own.

We have done a lot of work on anxiety and we have got some very good results when we have worked with the above mentioned approach.

There is a lot of research that points at Adverse Childhood experiences as one of the causes for onset of Anxiety among adults. Those with instances of Childhood trauma (physical, mental, emotional, sexual), neglect or exposure to violence have a very high risk of experiencing anxiety and depression as adults.

Sharing the results of a recent case we worked upon. He had been told by some other therapist that someone has done ‘black magic’ so he was very scared. We worked on his anxiety and anger and all the childhood traumas he had gone through. The results have been very good and he is also feeling much better. (see graph below) Perspectives on Anxiety and Regression Therapy


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