We are all energy bodies and every interaction we have with outside world there is constant energy exchange, action and reaction. Hence what we are ‘inside’ (heart, mind, emotions) is what those outside of us react to…!! If we are angry, fuming mad, we give out those signals unknowingly and we end up having everyone and everything around us reacting to our energies based on that anger. The moment we relax, the world around us also changes and things start falling in place.

Most of us in today’s times (thanks to our education and upbringing) are so caught up trying to change things and control the outcomes….we are tough on ourselves and our surroundings…constantly expecting higher and better. It puts a huge pressure on our energy bodies – we are using up tons of energy to correct our external situations, to react, to fix things and people. As a result we feel drained out and low on energy most days.

The moment we learn to let go, to give in to things and people, we start conserving our energy….using it sparingly and for more productive activities…we start feeling energetic. We dont waste all that anger, emotion and energy on changing and fixing things, we can find ourselves more centred, more energetic and clear in our minds and hearts…and our world around us starts changing and reacting to the new me!!

Our years of experiencing certain behavioral patterns from people/loved ones conditions our mind to expect that – and we are caught up in that cycle – expecting the worse, preparing for the worse, hence giving out energies of ours based on that expectation, hence receiving the worse – we need to break this cycle – stop expecting worse, reprogram our minds to expect good, hence prepare for the good, expect the good and send out the energies attracting good – and see how it changes our reality!!

The moment we realize that action and reaction are equal and opposite and that every interaction of ours with others is based on that, we stop blaming others for our situations 🙂 

by Ririi Trivedi