Experiential Talk 4

Heart Brain Coherence (Heart Rate Variability), Wellbeing and Lifestyle

during Covid Isolation

Heart Brain Coherence or in technical terms, Heart Rate Variability or HRV (Beat-to-beat variations in Heart’s electrical signals) has emerged as an important parameter to measure health and wellbeing.  Healthy lifestyle choices are linked to increased coherence and therefore increased physical and emotional wellbeing.  This short talk covers the concept of Heart-Brain Coherence, HRV, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle choices.  This will include short practice on how to increase HRV.

Facilitator: Gunjan Y Trivedi & Riri G Trivedi

When: Saturday, Jan 2, 8pm to 9pm (India Time)

To register, click here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAodOCvrzwrGdSIdK62BA30cP49lqN91sjM

Hear Brain Coherence Wellbeing and CovidBackground Reading and information:

  1. Effect of Zikr on Heart Rate Variability.
  2. What happens to my heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) during Sound Bath Meditation?
  3. Scientific evidence on meditative practices with singing bowls or self-hypnosis being developed by SEE @ Wellness Space