powerpoint for posts [Autosaved]1I  had always been a skeptic and non-believer for rituals or any such “hokey pokey” and “woodoo” stuff like Black Magic or Foreign Entity attachments etc. I used to believe it is all a figment of a few peoples active imagination & creativity coupled with a slight imbalance in the brains! Brought up by parents who didn’t even go to temples, I believed ghosts, entities and black magic was all paranoia and hallucinations of the weak minded. However, over the years I have been forced to rethink this – especially after my various therapy experiences with clients.

We all know that we are not just our physical bodies. We do have an energetic body also (Bio-magnetic field, aura etc etc- refer to ‘Pancha Kosha’ article). We get sick when we have virus and bacteria entering in our physical body (which are like foreign bodies and do not belong to us) and we go to the doctor who says ‘you have a viral infection’ and asks you the symptoms – which may be running nose, fever, inflammation, vomiting or loose motions etc. etc. And we either wait for our bodies to fight these germs and throw them out or take antibiotics to help us do that. Normally there are millions of viruses and bacteria all around us – but they don’t infect us all the time. Only when our immune system gets weak do we get infected by these germs which then stay in our body and feed off it and make us feel weak.

Similarly in our energy bodies also we can have energetic invasions. When a person gets a head injury or is drunk/alcoholic/drug abuser, suffering from depression/prolonged low emotions and negativity or during intercourse or menstruation this energy body gets weak and vulnerable. Typically these are the times when the aura opens up and if there are external energies floating around, they can attach to our energy body. These bring about changes in our emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes, habits and quirks. At times also changes in our physical body can happen due to these. These are basically energies that do not have a physical body and are quite lost – neither here (earth) nor there (higher planes of light). They are quite harmless most times and are looking for warmth, love or physical experiences which they get from the host body.

Remember the times when you think of a close friend all day and she just happens to call you?? Your thoughts traveled across time and space and managed to nudge her to call u (by planting an intention/thought of you). Just like we do distant healing – using our intentions and good wishes as energies that travel across time and space – similarly our negativity and harmful intentions – which are equally powerful energetic forces – can travel across time and space and affect those with a weak aura/energetic field. Black Magic pretty much works on similar logic – and just like some people are good healers, others are good ‘harmers’ (pardon my English!) and do that for a living. Usually Jealousy is the main reason for such practices and in some parts of the world it is very common. Usually these Dark Force Entities placed by Tantriks or such experts are harder to work with – and require some serious work. But again, not difficult if the host really wishes and wills to get over it.

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I had been shying away from this topic and this work for far too long. In Singapore in my Past Life Regression training we had a module on Dark Force Entity, Foreign Energies, Black Magic etc and I remember feeling totally disconnected from the module. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I had resolved never to work with such modalities either. I found it amusing to be taught to ‘talk’ to these entities and convince them to leave…..I mean….WTH….!???

However after a few years of practice just before my final module with EKAA I decided to let go of my fears/skepticism (whatever it was) and deal with it heads on! And Universe must have listened – for in that training itself I managed to attract practice partners with strong energetic attachments and victims of Black Magic. I had to be grounded and do my work – and I did! Since then I have taken this work also like any other therapy work – no special feelings for or against it. My trainer fondly named me ‘Dhoby Ghat’ due to the number of such entities I had cleaned up and gotten rid of during the training!!

Recently I had 2 clients with whom I had to work on this and I find it worth sharing here. One was a young boy – whose life was pretty much messy – smoking, alcohol, changing partners, confused and lost about his career or work, and total breakdown in his relationship with parents (though he was the only child he moved out of his parents’ home very early on in life). As we were working with the therapy we realized he was a victim of black magic (basically nothing very grand or elaborate, just some negative energy placed by a jealous aunt) for almost 19 years of his life! On speaking to this energy we realized it was a lost soul – whose last life was in Greece. While I was talking to this energy the voice and body gestures of the boy also changed (since it was feminine energy) and so did his voice….. We helped release it with the help of one loving soul-mate that she had – her horse! Using the energy of her favorite animal we managed to get rid of that energy from his body and during the process he actually felt a huge chunk of energy being completely sucked out of his body! It was totally unbelievable for him. Coming out of the session he realized he was seeing things with new eyes. He felt new and different. He felt he was seeing his parents with totally new eyes and energies. He mentioned he felt was 3 years old again and starting from there (the energy was in his body since age 3)! Reclaiming his body and energies was a totally new feeling for him (who didn’t expect something like this – and neither did I!)

His feelings in his own words are in the attached image. Many times clients feel that all that they experienced was their imagination – which is also ok to believe as long as the healing has worked and the client feels better. Labeling such experiences never helps. He wanted to wait for a few weeks before sharing his feedback….to ensure the experience was not short lived…..and it wasn’t!

Another case also happened recently and client intuitively (on her own) happened to see her reflection in a mirror during a regular age regressions session (in a state of trance) and said she saw an old lady and not her own self! We worked on removing that energy that was with her for many years – again a lost soul of a lady from Europe. The clients voice also changed while I was talking to the energy which was ready to leave but was planted by the clients ex-partner during intercourse…..this energy being that of a middle age housewife from Europe would make this client (a very educated and qualified woman working at a management level in an MNC) do washing and cleaning and dusting every-day and also follow the instructions of her controlling partner all the time….almost being controlled by him… ….again worked and helped it release to light. This client was …and was quite surprised at what she experienced. She said she actually felt an energy tearing out of her body and leaving it…and after the session she was very emotional and felt very light and ‘clean’. She got answers about why she did a few things that were totally unlike her and she felt positive about making fresh changes in her life and habits!

I know some of you reading this would think I am going nuts working with clients – and I used to think the same a few months ago! But not anymore! There are many things on earth and the universe that we simply don’t understand or don’t have the capability to understand fully – and this is just one of those million things….till we didn’t understand gravity it didn’t exist for us – same for magnetic force….and this seems to be yet another aspect that our science will sooner or later prove – till then it remains ‘NONSENSE’ for most!

And yes, doing regular Yoga(since it balances and strengthens all chakras)- esp. Surya Namaskars, Keeping our mind and emotions positive, having a healthy and fit body can ensure you don’t get these negative energies. Staying away from psychedelic drugs and not trying to getting into Kundalini rising experiments (without guidance of an expert) can also help keeping such energies at bay. Imagining or visualizing a protective violet energetic bubble of positive energy around your body can also help.

Ririi Trivedi