Brief Abstract:

Sleep disorders are associated with many adverse health outcomes.  Many modern lifestyle choices affect sleep and at the same time insufficient sleep (& recovery) creates adverse effects on autonomic nervous system, metabolism and immune system.

The talk provides an overview of various lifestyle choices – resulting in chronic disease and how each of the risk factor contributes to the disease causing changes in the physiology and pathology of the body and the brain/mind.

The understanding of the linkage between various lifestyle choices on chronic disease will enable the participant to reflect on his/her life and identify key opportunities.

Gunjan’s profile:

Gunjan has global corporate experience across some of the biggest countries and works with energy and emotions (as NLP and sound healing trainer).  Beyond life coaching, he conducts research with medical community to integrate mind-body-energy therapies with medical science. For more details and publications list click here.


Oct 2, 630pm to 8pm, Tuesday


Shirley Tay +65.9199.2684


ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Road, SG 199563 · Singapore