Free Talk: Time to wake up to the cost of sleep disruption (or Insomnia)

by Gunjan Y Trivedi

In Collaboration with IIPHG and Samay Sathi

Sleep disorders are associated with many adverse health outcomes.  Many modern lifestyle choices affect sleep and at the same time insufficient sleep (& recovery) creates adverse effects on autonomic nervous system, metabolism and immune system.

The talk provides an overview of various lifestyle choices – resulting in chronic disease and how each of the risk factor contributes to the disease causing changes in the physiology and pathology of the body and the brain/mind.

The understanding of the linkage between various lifestyle choices on chronic disease will enable the participant to reflect on his/her life and identify key opportunities.

Jan 9, Saturday: 8pm to 9pm (India time)

Prior registration required (through the link below):

IIPHG and Samay Sathi