Preventing insidious lifestyle disease bookProud to share that Gunjan Y Trivedi has contributed as co-author for the book on lifestyle disease.

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Preventing Insidious Lifestyle Diseases Perfect Paperback, Authors: K V RAMANIHEMLATHA RAMANIGUNJAN Y TRIVEDIVISHWANATHAN PLAKSHMI M and ANITA VERMA


An insidious disease is any disease growing within our body with no marked symptoms in the beginning. Hence any person with an insidious disease is not aware of its development. The prevention of premature deaths from insidious chronic diseases by 30% by 2030 is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This book is an effort to move towards the attainment of the above goal. Lifestyle is the manifestation of attitudes and values in a person’s life based on the choices one makes. These choices reflect individual preferences or those which are adopted through peer pressure. Poor lifestyle choices include excess consumption of alcohol, use of tobacco, indulgence in fast foods and sweetened drinks; and leading a sedentary life. Such choices pose serious health hazards. A healthy body has the ability to maintain the health indicators, such as heart rate, blood sugar levels, and lipid levels within their normal range, through a process known as homeostasis. Poor lifestyle choices disturb the homeostatic processes and lead to homeostatic imbalance, such as elevated blood pressure and spiked blood sugar levels. Frequent homeostatic imbalances permanently push the health indicators beyond their normal range and lead to chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes, and lung diseases. Medical interventions for the treatment of chronic diseases are very expensive and at best, slow down the progression of the disease, affect the quality of life and lead to premature deaths. Evidence in the literature suggests that balanced nutrition, regular exercises and mind-body practices such as yoga and chanting have a profound impact on improving the health-related quality of life.