Riri G Trivedi is certified Regression Therapist with a Diploma in Regression Therapy from Past Life Regression Academy and a member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

These skills, learnt in Singapore from some of the best teachers in the field, prepares her to guide the client in the best possible way. Along with her skills as Inner Child therapist, Hypnotherapist and a Regression Therapist, she can provide an integrated solution to suit the client needs.

In Riri’s experience, many clients seek help and also request for past life regression therapy. Riri usually guides the client after understanding the needs with the best possible approach and this is not often what the client has requested. For example, individuals with very high score on ACE survey (Adverse Childhood Experiences), may be better off with Inner Child Therapy. Having said that, there are enough number of client who also need and benefit from past life regression.

Society for Energy & Emotions LogoAt Wellness Space, we also teach Past Life Regression as part of Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification (Details). This training is certified by Society for Energy & Emotions, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The certification process involves case study and work on the evidence based approach to integrate the work with psychiatry, psychology and client-specific problems. The participant is also expected to do the self-work to experience the benefits of the therapy and address challenges in his/her own life.

The training is evidence-based (versus just a set of methods that you have to believe in !) and leverages technology and modern scientific approaches to understand how the intervention is helping the individual. The facilitators have global experience in managing across unique cultures and provide perspective based on the scientific research for the participants. There is lot of emphasis on self-work since the therapist has to keep enhancing his/her own energy and emotions before he/she can assist others.

Society for Energy & Emotions is an IPHM approved training provider. The 220 Hr Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification as well as Sound Healing (Naad Yoga) certification from SEE are approved by IPHM.

Finally, Wellness Space has received funding from Earth Association of Regression Therapy to study Anxiety and Regression Therapy.

Riri is reachable via email [email protected]