Life Coaching lessons – the personality creates our Reality

Personality is made up of how you think, how you feel and how you act. We usually have the same thoughts day in and day out, hence we end up doing the same things each day – and yet expect our life to change!!

For a change/transformation to happen one needs to become CONSCIOUS of the UNCONSCIOUS behaviours that we choose to demonstrate that have led to same experiences – and then make NEW CHOICES, take NEW ACTIONS and then eventually create NEW EXPERIENCES!! That’s how we change our reality!!

Simple??? Not quite!!

Some are stuck in part one – they are not even conscious of their unconscious behaviours that are causing the dysfunction or problem in their life. Others are conscious but don’t know how to make new choices (what are these new choices, and how to implement them)

Both types can get help from Life Coaching and well as Therapy Sessions. As Coaches and Therapists we don’t make decisions, we don’t advise and we don’t judge – we just do some process to help you become conscious of your unconscious behaviours (blind spots), and find your own ways to change those!

The visual below shows various aspects of our life – ranging from our own different sheaths of existing (Refer to Pancha Kosha article for more details). Beyond our own internal layers, we are impacted by family, friends, society and the environment.  Together, these help us in forming beliefs, habits and much more.  We need to learn to leverage the positive outcomes and neutralize the negative and this is an ongoing journey !!!

Seek HELP NOW to get some life coaching lessons !

Therapists available at Wellness Space

Riri G Trivedi  Regression Therapist and Trainer

Gunjan Trivedi  NLP trainer and Life Coach

Nigar Pathan Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner


How your personality is formed