Managing Insomnia using a combination of Singing Bowls, Chanting & Breathing Techniques

Sleep Disorder or Insomnia:

This is a very common problem of the modern world.  Constant thinking and anxiety, coupled with the use of modern gadgets and 24×7 lifestyle, our ability to slow down and unwind at the night is often impacted.  The studies have shown correlation between chronic stress, disrupted sleep (e.g. call centre workers who work at night) and imbalance in key hormones (e.g. cortisol and melatonin levels) resulting in sleep impairment.  Sleep is an important aspect of our autonomic nervous system recovery and must not be compromised.

Lets look at two recent client experiences:

  • This person (lets call him Sahil) needed 2 sleeping pills and still the sleep was very disturbed. After 3 weeks of intervention (using the combination of Yogic Techniques, Breathing, Singing Bowls and psychotherapy-Regression), Sahil’s sleep improved even after reducing the pill intake to about 0.5 (vs 2 before).  More importantly, in Sahil’s words “I didn’t realise that I could do something about insomnia and had assumed that sleeping pills is the only way out. Thank you for guiding me and making me realise that I have the power to work on my sleep !”
  • The second person (lets call him Shiva) had a decent sleep (7 on a scale of 10, 10=Very good and 1=Very poor).  During a sustained life threatening illness, the sleep quality went down to 1.  After 3 weeks of intervention (which included Yoga, specific exercises, singing bowls and guided imagery with Yoga Nidra) the person’s sleep was restored to the levels before the illness (7 to 8 on a scale of 10).  The person also joked that while during Yoga Nidra practice before sleep, the entire family used to fall asleep while the audio recording was going on !

What can you do about this?

  • Acknowledge that your sleep is impaired.
  • Seek help and follow-up with suggested homework and therapy intervention.

What kind of sessions do I take? What kind of homework do I have to do?

  • This depends since no individual and his/her challenges are same. However, a combination of singing bowl based relaxation, chanting and some physical activity coupled with a few lifestyle changes helps a lot.

Why should I believe?

  1. Ability to balance the autonomic nervous system is critical for health and well-being (read more about stress management here). Critical element in this quest for autonomic balance is “good quality sleep”. 
  2. Even during our group meditation sessions (Click here for details), participants notice significant reduction in emotional pressure (stress) and improvement in energy and often give unsolicited feedback about improved sleep.  
  3. Click here to find out more about how sound healing works to restore the equilibrium. 
  4. Many studies show Yoga Nidra is an effective practice for sleep management. (Example here)

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Life Coach

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